A Poem that Enlightens Those Who Get Lost and Rectifies the Way to Tao

by Tzong Ley Kyun , the Righteous Yeong Real Person

(Tao Store 0280)

Because of the fact that you are eligible for ascending to heaven,
I am imparting to you the pithy instruction on the key to heaven -
It is short and consists of only a few words,
however, one will thoroughly understand the countless holy scriptures if only he gets this single sentence.

Just one instruction is enough to let one know the things of the remote heaven,
and to sweep away all Aside-Doors(*).
If this truth of the Tao of Divine Immortals is spoken,
It is about the nothingness of the heaven and the earth, and the emptiness of the upside and downside.

(* Aside-Doors:
incorrect / unorthodox teachings, or the teachings that cannot directly liberate living beings from births and deaths.

Some techniques may be so powerful that allow the practitioners to summon spirits and defeat demons, and the proper use of those techniques can produce lots of merits; some other practices can produce plenty of merits and blessings and lead the practitioners to the liberation, however, since they cannot directly liberate the practitioners from births and deaths, they are also called "Aside-Doors")

When it is disclosed,
The Wood and the Gold(*) are not separated,
and the true Lead and true Hydrargyrum(*) are immaterial.
Whoever knows this truth of the key to heaven,
he will be able to combine the sun and the moon and ascend high.

(* The Wood and the Gold: two of the five elements)
(* Lead and Hydrargyrum: symbols often used in alchemic scriptures)

There is actually no HUM, LEY, the Dragon, or the Tiger,
and there is no Crow who dwells at the west or Rabbit who dwells at the east.
It (the key) is not one's liver, lung, heart, or kidney,
and it is not one's spleen, stomach, gallbladder, or sex cells.

(* HUM , LEY : two of the eight GWAs)
(* The Dragon, Tiger, Crow and Rabbit: symbols often used in alchemic scriptures)

It is not thinking, imagining or acting,
and it is not located at any of the Three Farmlands of the upper, middle, or lower regions.

(* The Three Farmlands or Three Dharn-Farmlands: upper Dharn-Farmland, middle Dharn-Farmland, and lower Dharn-Farmland. more explanation)

It is not located at any place between one's Clamped-Vertebra and Kwun-Lorn;
it is not semen, spit, breath or blood,
and it is not one's urinary ladder or any spirits dwelling at his five Tzorngs.

(* Clamped-Vertebra: a lower place at one's spinal column)
(* Kwun-Lorn: Kwun-Lorn/Kunlun mountain. As a Taoist term, it also means a place on one's head.)
(* The five Tzorngs: heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys)

These things flow out from every human body,
in all seasons including spring, summer, autumn and winter,
yet who can know their Uncreated-Heaven and Uncreated-Earth places?

When these two things are combined,
they are totally one GUN (1 GUN = 1/2 kg) in weight;
During the time of Yeen, Morng, Fooid, and Soc (*),
The quantity that fits the Origin can be collected;
Day and night, they circulate and never stop.

(*Yeen : when the sun-earth-moon angle is 90 degree.
The first quarter of the moon is called Upper Yeen,
And the last quarter of the moon is called Lower Yeen.

Morng : the day of a full moon, the 15th day of a Chinese month.
Fooid : the end of a cycle of moon, the last day of a Chinese month.
Soc : the day of a new moon, the 1st day of a Chinese month.)

Just gather them according to the timing with awareness of whether they are old or young,
and unite the GUP and GUNG within a short moment.

(* GUP : the first of the Ten Heavenly Stems;
GUNG : the seventh of the Ten Heavenly Stems)

It is just located at the southwest place where KWUN is produced.
Concoct it slowly, and gradually move it to the YUN palace.
Try to stir the Heavenly Key lightly
-- the True Energy is then always congregated in the Ultra Space.

When the KIN and the KWUN are used as the boiler and the caldron,
The Universe will be upended and you will be able to travel all over it freely.

(* KWUN , YUN , KIN : three of the eight GWAs)

Move the Southern Constellation to the position of the Northern Constellation;
Let the Golden Crow fly into the palace of the Jade Toad (*).

(* Golden Crow: who originally lives in the sun;
The palace of the Jade Toad: the moon)

When the Jade Rabbit dwells in the Ultra-Yeong (sun),
The increase and decrease happen at the Ultra-Yarm will naturally be harmonious.

Find the Medicine right after the Front Yeen,
and stop and balance the energy right before the Back Yeen.
Between the two Yeens what should be done is gathering.

Find out the ancestor by understanding the former, latter, existence, and inexistence
-- He is the host and I am the guest,
when I float up You will probably sink down.
When both the floating and sinking are regulated and returned to one place,
during both the Bathing and Hiding the emptiness is always there.

(* Bathing and Hiding: two terms often used in alchemic scriptures)

The LEY () and the HUM () are actually not at the south or the north;
How can the TZUN () and the DOY () dwell at the west or the east?

If one can meet a Divine Immortal who personally gives him the instructions,
he will be able to grab the Northern Ladle(*) and the wheel of the Cosmic Cycle,
and absorb Yarm () and Yeong () into his palms,
and then suddenly myriads of beings will be created.

(* Northern Ladle: the seven stars of Ursa Major. See the pictures)

For these instructions on Gold Liquid Returning Dharn,
if you have not met an Immortal teacher, do not force yourself to interpret them.

If you can really gather the Uncreated energy,
grab the sun and the moon and hold them in your two hands,
and let them impact each other day and night and combine into one piece,
the singing of Dragon and the roar of Tiger will of themselves come.

At the beginning there will be roaring sounds of wind from the upside and downside,
and gradually they will coagulate and the purple cloud will be produced.
When the cloud fills the mountain and covers the sun and the moon,
that moment it will be hazy.

Silently, the cloud and the haze will move by themselves,
and in the Concentration(*) the thunderclaps will be heard from time to time.

(* Concentration: the well-known Sanskrit equivalence of it is "Samadhi". It is also translated into "Meditative Concentration", "Absorption", etc.)

The Purple Phoenix and the Black Rabbit will meet at one place;
The Golden Crow and the Jade Rabbit will of themselves compete with each other;
The Tiger will circumambulate and the Dragon will whirl about to find the Supreme Treasure;
The Gold Gentleman will marry the Beautiful Lady.

In this meeting of the Son and the Mother,
The Divinity and the Uncreated Energy will return to the root and combine into the Original Truth;
When the seed of truth of the very beginning drops into the Dharn-Farmland,
The season will always be spring even if millions of centuries elapse.
When the Uncreated-Heaven and Uncreated-Earth return to one place,
They are as flawless as when the Wholeness was not yet broken.

The coming creations will naturally fit the holy principle,
With the green leaves, the color of the red flower will be vivid.
From the upside and downside, the Water and the Fire will of themselves pour;
When the two energies combine and coagulate, the holy embryo will come into being;
A hundred days later, a divine scene will naturally occur,
and the supermundane one who transcends births and deaths will naturally be there.

If you can really prevent the danger for those one hundred days,
Your blood will turn into the ointment-like substance and your body will be like silver;
If you can really save all the energies and completely prevent the leaking for those one hundred days,
The flowing Jade Ointment will nourish you and emit light;
The True Energy will be steaming inside so that the outside cold and heat will be the same to you,
Then you will be a noble person of the unsurpassed Tao.

In this glowing condition, forge and refine it for three hundred days,
The sudden rains and storm wind will fill the Ultra Space;
The countless flashes of lightning will be dazzling;
The thunder will make the Heavenly Gate trembling and frighten ghosts and spirits.

Uncover the Universe and let the white snow fly;
Grab KIN () and KWUN () inversely to receive the spring without night;
Then your bones will be changed due to the regain of Yeong and your body will become immortal;
The Nine Returns and the Seven Recurrences will produce the body of Truth.

The hard working will last for about ten months in total,
Then both your inside and outside will be empty and luminous,
And both your appearance and interior will be Real.
Then, when you converge you appear as a body,
and when you disperse you are the Energy.
Having returned to the original source,
you are the same as the Ultra Emptiness;
Your unrestricted transformations and movements will be incomprehensible and unpredictable for mundane persons.

This teaching is imparted from ancestors to ancestors,
-- in such a way it comes to the present day;
Its single principle fits all principles of the heaven and the earth;
The instructions from Divine Immortals are infallible.
If you can maintain it for one to two more years,
You will gain an unlimited lifespan of more than hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of years.

If anyone can master these Gold Liquid Body Refining instructions,
He will be able to fly freely riding on a phoenix or a crane,
shuttle between existences and inexistences without any obstruction,
and travel in the three islands of Pong-Loy unrestrictedly.
Even if hundreds of thousands of eons elapse,
When the oceans become grasslands,
His face will still be unchanged.

(* Pong-Loy : a supermundane place in which many immortal persons live)

How sad!
For the countless people who seek Immortality,
The practices of most of them are not the way to Heavenly Immortality.
Many of them are deluded by wild foxes, spirits or ghosts,
How can the sayings of ghosts and demons be trusted?
Some of them travel all over the world to find the mystical teachings,
But what they get are only evil teachings and inferior techniques.
They are foolish and enthralled by the incorrect theories,
yet they are stubborn and can hardly be persuaded or enlightened,
so that they continue to mislead others,
just like a blind person leading a group of blind persons.

For example,
Some people eat only pine nuts or special foods,
In such a way how can they break off their roots of births and deaths?

Some people practice various meditations or breathing techniques,
so that they may enter into a situation that their bodies become unperceivable,
however, in such a way, how can their energy running in the hundreds of channels return to the sources?

Some people meditate on their Dharn-Farmlands while practicing breathing skills,
Finally they simply cannot succeed in mastering the truth of Embryo-Immortals;

Some people regard breath-ceasing as the Uncreated-Heaven stage,
But when they become old they still achieve nothing so that their efforts are also unavailing;

Some practices use one's month and nose as the Occult Gates,
Those are like wrapping wind with a broken net;

Some people regard their hearts as the Miraculous Cubbies and mediate on them,
How can they return to the source and see the origin?

Some people accumulate their sex cells which are regarded as the Lead and the Hydrargyrum,
This might trigger some wheeling but still is not the same thing as the Gold Dharn ().

Some people insist that their spirits and inside airflows are the Sons and the Mothers,
They are also far away from the Heavenly Immortality;

Some people imagine that their craniums are unclosed and do the imaginary refining and fostering,
They are just wasting their efforts and times;

Some people shrink their glans penis or massage their breasts,
Those are exactly the unorthodox and inferior techniques;

Some people imaginarily impel their energy to run and think that is the Fire-Timing,
This practice may last for nine or three years,
However, it can do nothing but mislead people;

Some people focus on the tips of their noses and the passing breathings to imbibe the original energy,
This may cause some unhealthy airflows sounding within their stomachs.
Even if they can realize their Hearts and their Natures,
After they die they can only be Yarm spirits.

How many those useless teachings do you know?
They just make your skeletal body toils in vain.

Stopping thoughts and taming minds are regarded by some people as the purity and tranquility,
In fact their achievement is just the Dead-end Emptiness;

Day and night, some people devotedly practice their techniques at the times of Tzee and Ng (*),
Do the heaven and the earth have bad times?

(* The time of Tzee: from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.
The time of Ng: from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. )

Some people practice breath-stopping alone or do imaginary contemplations;
Some people insist that their tongues are the Red Dragons;
Some people imaginarily run their Cosmic Cycles according to the GWAs;
Some people are sure that their spleens are the Yellow Courts;
Some people say that their kidneys are the sources of creations;
Some people hold their Tail-Gates(*) firmly because that place is believed to be the root of life;

(* Tail-Gate: the end of one's spinal column)

Some people try to return to the origin by eating fire and water;
Some people try to recharge themselves by absorbing the energy of other people during sexual conducts, or even suck their lousy outflows;
Some people face upward to the sky to absorb the energy of the sun and the moon,
the PUG of the earth is called by them "the WHUN of the heaven";
Some people swallow their saliva which is regarded as the essence of creations and transformations;
Some people reject all the five flavors (*) and think that is equal to Reality Cultivation;

(* the five flavors: sourness, bitterness, sweetness, pungency, and saltiness)

Some people bend their bodies or lie on their backs and knock their Jade-Gates;
Some people embrace their Origins and hold their Oneness by moving their eyeballs;
Some people raise their shoulders, retract their necks, and meditate on their spinal columns;
Some people imaginarily move their Flowing Pearls and concentrate on their so-called Ultra-Yarm;
Some people write false talismans and say incorrect incantations;
Some people spend lots of money to study how to make their bodies invisible;
Some people massage their bodies and utter the sounds of the six characters (*);

(* the six characters: Hoiu, Hor, Fu, See, Tsoiu, Hey)

Some people worship stars and pay homage to constellations diligently (*);
Some people inhale clean air and exhale turbid air intentionally and say that is the fundamental of Dharn;
Some people clamp their Yeong-Gates firmly,
causing the fire [of their impure energy] to burn violently,
with the flaming heat permeating their bodies,
they are called the natural born geniuses of the great Tao.

(* See the explanation of Aside-Doors)

Such countless teachings that can be classified into the three thousand and six hundred Aside-Doors,
all failed to recognize the one who accompanies every body day and night.

If you can get the chance to meet a true teacher and get his instructions,
in a moment the creations and transformations will occur.

The energy of Oneness circulates freely,
It exists dispersedly in everything including human bodies.
When a person who thoroughly understands this gain the uncreated energy,
During a whole night the sound of the thunder will not pause for a moment.
Among the countless flashes of lightning,
The formless two energies will meet each other and combine.
Incomparably, the Gate of Heaven will be broken,
The thunder, lightning, wind and rain will come synchronously.
When the reversions occur the positions will be exchanged,
The countless flows of flaming energy will run disorderedly and violently,
The Tiger will circumambulate the Medicine Stove to strive for creations and transformations;
The Dragon will whirl about the Golden Caldron and want to fly upward;
The Four Forms and the Five Elements will return together at Mau-Gey(*),
to cook and refine the Golden Liquid which is the essence of the combined original energies.

(* Mau-Gey : the Middle-Palace)

The myriad purple clouds will envelop the Northern Sea,
The thousands of energy flows of the hundreds of channels will impact the Kwun-Lorn,
The True Energy will be so bright that the constellations will become comparatively dark;
The red light will be so luminous that the sun will become comparatively dim.

The increases and decreases will happen naturally by the advancing or retrograding,
Between the Front Yeen and the Back Yeen, that which is True can be determined.
It is a must to figure out whether the head of Dharn is old or young,
And the actions of Extracting and Appending will take just a moment.

The time of the Embryo's coagulation depends on the Fire-Timing,
When the flaming true Fire burns within the universe,
The KIN, KWUN, upside and downside will all be thoroughly red.

One Fire and one Water,
in such a way the Interlaced Diagrams(*) can be formed;
(*Interlaced Diagram: the 64 Gwas)
One ascending and one descending,
The rising and sinking will take place naturally;
One coming and one going,
The guest and the host must be distinguished;
One is preceding and another one is succeeding,
The king and the minister are there;
One Yarm and one Yeong,
This is how the universe is formed;
One is hard and another one is soft,
They will be proportional naturally.

Winter and summer solstices are the turning points;
Vernal and autumnal equinoxes determine whether it is cold or warm;
They go, come, rise, and sink, yet they are formless;
They circulate day and night according to the timing.
If one has not gained those instructions imparted by the remote ancestors,
How can he know the short-moment work of the great Tao?

Force the handle of the Northern Ladle return,
this is the principle of the Occult Gate;
When the handle of the ladle is turned to the Heavenly Gate,
all things will be thoroughly connected.
During a short period the Tiger and the Dragon will fight against each other frequently,
And they will combine in a moment.
When the Orangutan and the Distracted One are caught,
It will return to the wholeness within which all things are not yet divided.

These are the instructions on combining the Wood and the Gold,
-- the true Lead and true Hydrargyrum which are the essences of the heaven and the earth.
These instructions on the Gold Dharn and its Fire-Timing,
is for the integration that takes place at the Yellow Court.
This combination of the essences,
This uncreated energy of the oneness,
is the Medicine of eons,
It exists forever and brings along the everlasting springtime.
Within three thousand time units the Infant will take shape,
After working for a hundred days the creation will be divine.
Ten months later the practitioner's body will become purely Yeong,
Then naturally, neither cold nor heat will be able to harm him.

His jade-like body will be covered by auspicious energies and colorful clouds,
The phoenixes and cranes will come dancing face to face to receive him;
The heavenly girls will come in pairs with the Purple Edict,
His name will be added into the record of heavenly residents,
And he will be called Real Person.
With golden light enveloping his body,
Mundane people will not be able to stare at him.
At his left side and right side there will be honor guards moving along with him,
The Immortal cranes will guide him to the Origin,
and he will fly upward at daytime to visit the Jade Capital.

(Translated into English by Silfong Tsun)
(Last revised: Jul/13/2009)

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