The Ultra-Supreme Mysterious Divinity, Constellation Mother the Greatly Sacrosanct Original Lord's Life History, the Life-Extending Heart Scripture

The Elder Lord said:

Constellation Mother the lofty Divinity, is a great Goddess with round aureoles. In Her precious moon there is a tree named Hin, which is bright and transparent like a precious gem. In that moon there is also an immortal Jade Rabbit, who makes and refines Great Medicines.

Sometimes, the heaven and the earth's luck may become bad, the sun, moon, and stars' movements may become incorrect, the rains, sunrises, dark times and bright times may become not punctual, or the winds, colds, hotness, and wets may become unseasonable. There may be excessive droughts, floods, fire disasters, epidemic diseases, wars, plagues of locusts or other insects, occurrences of evil spirits, ghosts and demons. There may also be illnesses, hurting and killing, quarreling, litigations, unwanted disturbances, and so forth. All these unpropitious things are caused by the unharmonious energies.

At these times, Constellation Mother can let some Great Medicines descend and universally do Her works of curing. She can harmonize and regulate the five Circulations, raise and lower the two energies (to adjust them), resolve the stagnancies and remove the obstructions, break the darkness and get rid of the evils, respond to wrongdoers' repentances, ferry those who lost their way, safeguard pregnancies and births, cure illnesses, nourish roots, make the good weather return, make humans and other beings be born and grow up, refine and ferry ghosts and spirits, untie the hundreds of knots and give blessings, supplement the eight Yeong energies, assist the righteous and perfect the Reality, summon peace and extend blessings (for the world), and run the power of the holy medicines latently. In this sense, She is a heavenly doctor with important duties.

She generated the moonlights of the heavens, and She is the mother of the stars of Northern Ladle. The Ladle generates one's Puks, and the Water generates one's Essence, in such a way they dominate the production of human bodies. The Light condenses the Water of the source of Mind, all Waters correspond to a same Moon, and all Moons share a same Light. Sentient and non-sentient beings all rely on the divine light and Tao energy to be born, to grow up, and to protect themselves. This kindness is deep and this virtue is grand, however, most beings are not aware of these. Because of this (kindness given by the seven stars), on the face of a human being's heart there are seven apertures, which communicate internally with the Heart. In one's Puks there are seven Real Ones, and the Puks are given by the Ladle.

Constellation Mother's honored names is:   Nine Spirits Ultra-Miracle White Jade Tortoise-Platform Night-Illuminating Golden Essence Ancestress the Original Lord,   also known as   Middle Heaven Brahma Energy Ladle's Mother the Original Lord,   and   Purple Light Bright Wisdom Benevolent Kindness Ultra Simplicity Original Empress Golden Reality Holy Virtue Heavenly Lord,   also named   Greatly Round And Full Moon Light King,   and also called   Eastern Glory Benevolent Savior Monarch Heavenly Doctor the Greatly Sacrosanct One.

She has many various names that can respond to prayers, and administers the precious pavilion of the Middle Heaven.

Countless eons ago, She dwelt in Mysterious Light Real Purity Heaven, cultivated the wonderful Tao of Mysterious Divinity, and diligently worshiped the Highest Lord of Origin. The fragrance of Her wisdom became dense, and the lamp of Her intelligence became bright and shining. She often made a supreme vow that She wishes to have some holy sons, who can sustain and benefit creations and transformations, and rule and regulate both KIN and KWUN (the heavens and earths). The power of the vow was firm and solid, and Her vows were always the same.

At one time, when She was in Nine Bents Flower Pool, a precious throne of White Jade Tortoise-Platform Divine Hai (a mythical animal) emerged. Constellation Mother ascended to the precious throne, joyfully nourished the divine Reality, cultivated and refined the Essence and Puks, and gathered plenty of Uncreated Energy. The energy entered into the Mystery of Mystery, and was integrated with the divine wind. The purple Emptiness became luxuriant and flourishing, and then the fruit of the wonderful Tao of Mysterious Divinity was achieved. A subtle and wonderful light of the Extreme of Nothingness (Moe-Gick) was then emitted, illuminating the whole flower pool, and miraculously gave birth to nine golden lotuses.

Seven days and nights of the human world past, the light in the flower pool became more and more blazing and grand. Suddenly, the lotuses ascended to Nine Flower Heaven, and became nine great precious palaces. In the precious palaces, the integrated and coagulated Brahma Energy of the Nine Realities of itself became nine characters, which were

In front of them there was the Heavenly Gawng, whose light revealed some secret characters, which were

The angels of the light was blazing.

The Divinities of these nine characters manifested the Tao-Bodies of the nine emperors. The first one of them is called Heavenly Emperor; the second one is called Purple Subtlety; the third one is called Taam-Lawng; the fourth one is called Huge Door, the fifth one is called Fortune Maintenance; the sixth one is called Literature And Music, the seventh one is called Incorruption And Chastity, the eighth one is called Moe-Kog, the ninth one is called Army-Breaking.

The two stars, the two honored Lords named Heavenly Emperor and Purple Subtlety dwell in Sala Supreme Palace which is at the mouth of the Ladle. Their lights of Reality were like some huge wheels. Anyone who sees them will achieve longevity, become a Real Immortal, and never again fall into the wheel of births and deaths. Some extra lights, which were split from the lights of these two stars, became their subordinates named Left Auxiliary, Right Assistant, King Yeong, and Taw Law. They do countless kinds of divine transformations, and dominate the Mystical Yellow True Energy.

The other seven Star Lords turn and run the creations and transformations of Yaam and Yeong. Their merits benefit all the Three Realms, their virtues nourish all living beings, and the power of their merits and virtues is unimaginable.

For a practitioner who cultivate and refine the Nine-Returns-And-Seven-Recurrences-Great-Dhaan, if he can uphold this teaching, he will suddenly realize the Gate of Mystery, the divine light will appear in front of him, his thirty-nine joints will emit light naturally, he will completely achieve the Tao of Ultra-Mystery-Three-One, and he will realize how to keep the Principle which is originally perfect, therefore his Real Body will be firm. If he can further cultivate the Great Concentration and perfect it, to the extent that both his body and his Divinity become wonderful, and become Real by dissolving into Tao, then he will be able to ascend to Jade Capital, and enjoy the everlasting bliss and freedom. At that time, all the ancestors and relatives that he has in his every lifetime and every eon, will be liberated, will gain the Mysterious Kindness together, and will be able to help and ferry all those who are alive or dead.

This teaching is profound and wonderful. One should pay homage to it sincerely, uphold it and keep practicing it. One should stay quietly in Siun-Gei ( the stars of Northern Ladle ), should not let the internal world leak from his Six Roots (*), and should not let the outer world sink into the phenomena of existences. When he enters into the pellucid purity and tranquility, he will find that Tao is in front of his Eye. Thus, one should bow to the manifestations of Reality, and say this incantation:

(* Six Roots: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind)

(End of Translation)
(Translated into English by Silfong Tsun)

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