The Ultra Supreme Elder Lord's Inner Daily-Use Wonderful Scripture

As to what should be done in a day, when the eating and drinking has been arranged, let one sit straight with his mouth shut, and not allow a single thought to arise in his mind. Let him forget everything, and keep his spirit with settled purpose. Let his lips be glued together, and his teeth be firmly pressed against one another. Let him not look at anything with his eyes, nor listen to a single sound with his ears. Let him do the Inner-Guarding with single mind. Let him regulate his breath to make it soft and continuous, and let the out-breath be very slight, now seeming to breathe, and now not. In this way the Fire of heart will descend, the Water of the kidneys will rise up, the saliva will be produced in the mouth, and the real efficaciousness becomes attached to the body. It is thus that one will naturally know the way of prolonging life.

During the twelve hours of the day let one's thoughts be constantly fixed on absolute Purity. When there is nothing at the Spiritual Platform it is called Clarity; where one thought does not arise, it is called Tranquility;

The body is the house of the breath; the heart is the lodging of the divinity. As the thoughts move, the divinity moves; as the divinity moves, the breath is distributed. As the thoughts rest, the divinity rests, when the divinity rests, the breath is collected.

The true powers of the five elements unite and form the boat-like cup of jade, (after partaking of which), the body seems to be full of delicious harmony. This spreads like the unguent of the chrismal rite on the head. Walking, resting, sitting, sleeping, the man feels his body flexible as the wind, and in his belly a sound like that of thunder. His ears hear the songs of the Immortals, that need no aid from any instrument; vocal without words, and resounding without the drum. The spirit and the breath effect a union and the bloom of childhood returns. The man beholds scenes unfolded within him; Spirits of themselves speak to him; he sees the things of vacuity, and finds himself dwelling with the Immortals. He makes the Great Elixir, and his spirit goes out and in at its pleasure. He has the longevity of heaven and earth, and the brightness of the sun and moon. He has escaped from the toils of life and death.

Do not allow any relaxation of your efforts, During all the hours of the day strive always to be pure and undefiled. The spirit is the child of the breath; the breath is the mother of the spirit.

As a fowl embraces its eggs, do you preserve the spirit and nourish the breath. Can you do this without intermission? Wonderful! wonderful! The mystery becomes still deeper!

In the body there are seven precious organs, which serve to enrich the state, to give rest to the people, and to make the vital force of the system full to overflowing. Hence we have the heart, the kidneys, the breath, the blood, the brains, the semen, and the marrow. These are the seven precious organs. When they return the body does not disperse. Refine them into the Great Medicine, then the myriads of spirits will all ascend to Immortality.

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