Tzorng Tzee
(Assembled Edition)


The Inner Chapters
  1. A Happy Excursion (Yutang Lin)
  2. On Leveling all Things (Yutang Lin)
  3. The Preservation of Life (Yutang Lin)
  4. This Human World (Yutang Lin)
  5. Deformities, or Evidence of a Full Character (Yutang Lin)
  6. The Great Supreme (Yutang Lin)
  7. Dealing with Emporers and Kings (Martin Palmer)

The Outer Chapters

  1. Joined Toes (Yutang Lin)
  2. Horses Hooves (Yutang Lin)
  3. Opening Trunks, or a Protest against Civilization (Yutang Lin)
  4. On Tolerance (Yutang Lin)
  5. Heaven and Earth (James Legge)
  6. The Way of Heaven (James Legge)
  7. The Revolution of Heaven (James Legge)
  8. Rigid and Arrogant (Martin Palmer)
  9. The Deceived and Ignorant Ones (Martin Palmer)
  10. Autumn Floods (Yutang Lin)
  11. Perfect Happiness (Burton Watson)
  12. The Full Understanding of Life (James Legge)
  13. The Tree on the Mountain (James Legge)
  14. Thien Tsze-Fang (James Legge)
  15. Knowledge Rambling in the North (James Legge)

The Miscellaneous Chapters

  1. Kang-Sang Khu (James Legge)
  2. Hsu Wu-Kwei (James Legge)
  3. Travelling to Chu (James Legge)
  4. Affected from Outside (Martin Palmer)
  5. Imputed Words (Burton Watson)
  6. Kings Who Have Wished to Resign the Throne (James Legge)
  7. The Robber Kih (James Legge)
  8. Speaking of Swords (Sam Hamill & J. P. Seaton)
  9. The Old Fisherman (Burton Watson)
  10. Lieh Yu Kou (Burton Watson)
  11. In the Social World (Chad Hansen)