Tzon Real Person's Recorded Sayings


Water Dragon Chanting

From the time I left my house and separated myself from the dusty world,
I no longer coveted the fame and profits which are among people.
With messy hair and a filthy face I sit in solitude throughout the morning.
The livelihood of inner cultivation is inside old shrines and ceramic altar houses.
As I allow that red circle (the sun) to sink in the west, I recognize the being within the nonbeing and I understand the white and preserve the black.
Lengthily and softly I control my breathing.
In my heart I have no other matters which bind me.
I have an arm bag and a cane which I carry about with me as I wear my grass sandals.
I do not eat tasty foods, my thighs are bare, and sheepskins clothe my body.
When I get hungry I go about begging from door to door.
When I have eaten my fill I sing, 'Ley-Dud-Lor-Ley'.
I allow people around me to laugh and say, 'You stupid, lazy bum!"
Is there anybody who knows who I am?

To study the Tao the heart must be firm like iron.
Completely inside yourself fierce and sudden, and break loose from the chain of profits and the leash of recognition.
Cut off and get rid of your feelings of wanting and completely abandon all affairs.
Have nothing to which you are attached to or which arouses you.
Do not stay in your straw hut or grass shack.
Reside within the shops and market places and properly preserve the Tao.
Rely on this activity, spanning hours and months.

Be a penniless Tap-Cultivator,
who relys on coarse food and is not concerned with coldness and heat.
With messy hair and a dirty face sit alone throughout the morning.
Internally cultivate your livelihood and earn an encounter with the lessons of an enlightened master.
People of the world will say, 'Here comes the windy wildman'......


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