The Holy Cross

The Cross is a secret symbol of Ancient Mysteries, and is used by some religions, such as Christianity, as a major symbol. However, do you know that the Cross is also an important secret symbol in Buddhism? Here are the evidences:
  • The Greatly Wonderful Vajra, The Immortality Liquid Kundali, The Flaming Topknot, The Blazing and Majestic Buddha-Summit Scripture (Taisho Tripitaka 0965) says:

    At that time, the All-Buddhas-Summit-Wheel-King had settled the seats of the eight directions, and manifested on them the eight Buddha-Summit-Wheel-Kings. Then, the Bhagavan manifested further His relatives of the Seven Treasures, such as Styi Treasure, Horse Treasure, Treasury-Master Treasure, Precious Wheel Treasure, Elephant Treasure, Wish-Fulfilling Pearl Treasure, Military Treasure, and so forth, who were surrounding this Great Wheel. And then, the Bhagavan entered into Hooking Summon Samadhi, which omnipresently summons all beings of Dharma-Realm. His purpose of doing so, is to settle all sentient beings on the Way, help them achieve the Unsurpassed Bodhi quickly, and let the sentient beings, who are still in births and deaths, attain Buddha-Bodies.

    At that time, the billions of Buddhas of the ten directions, having perceived this Hooking Summon launched by the Buddha-Summit-Wheel-King who contains all Buddhas, all manifested their supernatural powers from their Concentrations, therefore, myriad varied treasures, such as precious flowers, precious garlands, precious perfumes, precious lamps, precious fabrics, and so forth, were rained down. These Buddhas arrived the Great Vajra Precious Peak Edifice located at the empty space of Dharma-Realm, congregated in the empty space, and said together:

    'Bhagavan the Wheel King, why not speak the Dharma of the Cross, to enable all sentient beings to attain Buddha-Bodies quickly within their present lifetimes?'

    Then, the Buddha-Summit-Wheel-King who contains all Buddhas, having heard this request, in order to manifest the mighty power of His great divine omnipresence, in order to reveal the Root that all Buddhas' cultivations have reached, and the Cultivation-Dharma of the past Buddhas, present Buddhas, and future Buddhas, in order to enable virtuous men and virtuous women to accomplish great Buddha-Works in their present lifetimes without abandoning their flesh bodies, and in order to give all sentient beings the benefit of attaining Buddha-Bodies, He spoke these Vajra Blazing and Majestic Light Buddha-Summit Wheel King Omnipotent Cross True Words: ......

    [The Original Chinese Text]

  • Dharma-Wheel-Turning Bodhisattva's Dharma That Defeats Demons And Enemies (Taisho Tripitaka 1150) says:

    ...and then, write on the top of the banner the True Words of Unhindered-King-Cross-Buddha-Summit......then, place your hand on the banner, and recite 108 times these Buddha-Summit True Words of the Cross......

    [The Original Chinese Text]

  • The Great Blue Vajra Yaksa's Dharma That Dispels Ghosts and Demons (Taisho Tripitaka 1221) says:

    If some acupuncture treatments are needed for the sick person, there are nine places that should be acupunctured. The first place is the Cross at his head, the second is Wind-Door Pit, the third is......

    [The Original Chinese Text]

  • The Five Lamps Meet At The Origin says:

    Everybody, you should know that, when a Realized One meets another person, if he meets with that one at the Cross of the street, he will do the handshake on the summit of the Thousand Peaks; if he meets with that one on the summit of the Thousand Peaks, he will do the handshake at the Cross of the street.

    [The Original Chinese Text]

  • The Quotations Selected by the Emperor says:

    Q: The gate of the Cross is not located at the tongue, and the places that the five-colored line break are at the feet. Venerable master, could you please explain that what is "The gate of the Cross is not located at the tongue"?

    The master answered: Whoever comes, give him some tea to drink.

    Q: What is "Break the five-colored line at the bottom of the heels"?

    A: Whoever comes, let him sit under the ground.

    The student said: Crack the gate of the Cross, and break the five-colored line!

    The master hit him, and said: You must eat thirty stick-hits for each of them.

    [The Original Chinese Text]

  • Furthermore, there is an old Chinese saying, which is familiar to the practitioners of Taoism and Buddhism. The saying is:

    The Cross of the street is the proper place to practice meditation

    [The Original Chinese Text]
So, where is the Cross? This secret has been revealed by the above pictures and scriptural texts.

The Original Chinese Texts:

大妙金剛大甘露軍拏利焰鬘熾盛佛頂經》(大正藏 0965)云:













  • 另,古有「十字街頭好打坐」一語,亦頗為人所熟知。

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