Immortal Gentleman Loyd's 100 Character Stele (1)

By Loyd Dong Bun

Nourish your Energy as you forget both narration and fixation;
Settle your heart by natural action without force.
When moving and when quiet, be aware of the clan ancestor;
There being nothing at all, who are you seeking?
The true eternal must respond to things;
As you respond to things, it is important: do not to get obsessed;
Not being obsessed, your Original Nature will of itself stay still.
As your Original Nature dwells steady, your Energy returns by itself;
With Energy returning, the Dharn (elixir-ball) will coagulate by itself.
In the kettle the HUM and the LEY are confected;
Yarm and Yeong are produced and return;
In a thunderous sound there comes the universal transformation;
White cloud rise towards the head top;
sweet dew sprinkles on Sumeru.
[At this time] you will drink the liquid of longevity.
Then you will become unfettered, but who is able to know this?
Sit listening to the stringless melody,
Understand thoroughly the secrets of creations and transformations.
All of this, which arrives in twenty sentences,
is a ladder leads to heaven.

Immortal Gentleman Loyd's 100 Character Stele (2)

By Loyd Dong Bun

My Original nature likes pure quiet.
Protecting and Nourishing my Heart will stabilize it's Monkeyness.
Wine? Again I never drink.
Sexual desire has stopped completely.
Wealth? Again I am not greedy.
Anger? Again I do not escalate an argument.
I see things as if not seeing.
I hear things as if not hearing.
I do not discuss another person's mistakes.
I seek only into my own illness.
My name has no links to government officials.
My private foundation is based on trustworthy deeds.
If in a high position; I am neither trivial nor flamboyant.
If in obscure poverty; I keep to my own duty.
I am not within any person's shooting range.
I avoid and refuse depressions of my Heart.
As I harmonize in light, I also merge with dust.
I only deal with worldly affairs as they mix.
How is it that I do not struggle for renown?
By having been together with a noble person discussing this.

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