Ultra Supreme Elder Lord's Ultra Plainness Scripture

The Ultra Plainness is immensely bright and white, It is named Dhoe. At the time of Ultra Plainness, the Divinity went there and operated it, and the Path was produced. It grew and took shape, then the Path was named, and the Path was completed. Therefore the heaven and the earth were shaped, and Dhoe and Virtue incarnated into a Scripture. (The Scripture of Way and Virtue)

In Dhoe, nothing is greater than the Original Thusness; in Virtue, nothing is greater than Immortality.

Dhoe produced One, One produced Two, Two produced Three, and Three produced the heaven and the earth. The heaven and the earth were fully filled, because they were full, they became reduced; and because they were reduced, they returned to their Origin. Then, the heaven covers everything, the earth bears everything, and the sun and moon illuminate everything.

Therefore it is known that the One is unknown. The one that is not one, is the awareness of the nonexistence of the one. This is what makes
Dhoe miraculous, the sages understand it, and the saints practice it, it is a must-know.

Dhoe is great and formless, and is unrevealed and nameless. Outside the heaven and the earth, It is deep and occult; inside the heaven and the earth, It is omnipresent. Hence, inside the heaven and the earth, Dhoe is everywhere. I am not separated, because Dhoe does not desire that, it is not that I am special.

It is said that, life is desirable, and death is fearsome. Grasses and trees rely on their roots to live, when they leave the earth, they will die; fishes and aquatic turtles live in water, when they leave the water, they will also die. A person relies on his body to live, but when his Essential Energy is exhausted, he dies. A saint knows where this Essential Energy is, and regards it as the treasure of his body.

It is also said that, the great Dhoe spreads Its great works throughout the world, a great book states the great scheme of the world, a great person uses this as his feet. What other people like, are what I regard as the causes of suffering; what other people hold tightly, are what I renounce completely. Only a saint can understand the reason of these two.

It is also said that, the great Virtue bears the world's great badness; a great person bears the world's great insults. He who can bear the world's great badness, can therefore gain the world's high pay; he who can bear the world's great insults, can therefore be the world's most exalted one.

It is also said that, a person's heart is like some liquid in a vessel. When it is still, it is even; when the vessel is inclined, the liquid is uneven; when it is shaken, it becomes turbid; and when it is settled, it will become pellucid. Taming your heart is like dealing with this liquid. When you impede it, it stops; when you unleash it, it moves; if there is a break at the west, it goes west; if there is a break at the east, it goes east. A mundane person's heart must be restricted and leashed, for it is like the water which must be held back by an embankment.

It is also said that, the Yig Ging has the Ultimate Extreme. The Ultimate Extreme is called Ultra Simplicity. The Ultra Simplicity is namely the Great Luminous Simplicity, which is preceded by nothing. It is the immensely bright and white Energy.

And, there is the Ultra Primary, which is the beginning of energies; there is the Ultra Beginning, which is the beginning of forms; there is the Ultra Plainness, which is the beginning of materials. Therefore it is called Change. The Change turns into One, the One turns into Three, the Three turns into Five, the Five turns into Seven, and the Seven turns into Nine. The Nine is namely the Extreme. After reaching the Extreme, it turns into One, this One is namely the Heaven. Thus the ethereal and clean ascend and become the heaven, the weighty and turbid descend and become the earth, and the middling and reconciling energies become human beings. It is in this way that the Essences of the heaven and the earth combine, and create everything.

(Translated into English by Silfong Tsun)

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