The Supreme Jade Emperor's Embryo Breath Scripture

Translated into English by Frederic Henry Balfour, 1884

The Heavenly Lord Jade Emperor says:

The Embryo is formed by the concretion of concealed Breath; and the Embryo being brought into existence, the Breath begins to move in Respiration.

The entrance of Breath into the body is Life; the departure of the Spirit from the external form is Death.

He who understands the Spirit and the Breath may live for ever; he who rigorously maintains the Empty and Non-existent may thereby nourish the Spirit and the Breath.

When the Spirit moves the Breath moves; when Spirit is still the Breath is still.

If you desire to attain to immortality, the Spirit and the Breath must be diffused through one another.

If the Heart is perfectly devoid of thoughts -- neither going nor coming, issuing nor entering -- it will dwell permanently within of its own accord.

Be diligent in pursuing this course; for it is the true road to take.

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