Yellow Emperor's Scripture on the Hidden Fitness

In Cantonese:
Worng Daee Yarm Full Ging

In Mandarin:
Huang Di Yin Fu Jing

The beginning chapter -- The Divine Immortal embracing the ONE is revealing Dhoe

Watch the heaven's Way (Dhoe), and adhere to the heaven's movement, this is all.

(* "heaven" is translated from the Chinese character "Tin", which means not only "heaven", but also "sky", "nature", "the upper part of an universe", etc.)

In the heaven there are five thieves, anyone who sees them will be thriving. The five thieves dwell in the heart, and command and run in the heaven, then the universe is in the hands, and myriads of creations happen within the body.

The nature of heaven is in man, the heart of man is the key. Stand upon the heaven's Way (Dhoe), to settle man.

When the key occasion of killing arises in the heaven, the stars and constellations move; when the key occasion of killing arises in the earth, the dragons and snakes rise from the land; when the key occasion of killing arises in man, the heaven and the earth reverse. When the heaven and the man launch it together, the base of myriads of changes is set up.

The heart's origin can produce both dexterity and clumsiness, and can be concealed. The leaking from the nine holes (*), is due to the three pivots. It can be dynamic or static.

(* The nine holes of human body: the two eyes, two ear holes, two nostrils, mouth, the outlet of sex organ, and the anus)

The Fire(*) is created from the Wood, when the misfortune arises, it must be overcome. When the evils appear in the nation, advance and they will be defeated. Anyone who understands these and cultivates and refines himself accordingly is called a Saint. The heaven creates, and the heaven kills, this is the principle of Dhoe.

(* The Five Circulations: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth)

The middle chapter -- Preaches the Law on enriching the nation and pacifying the people

The heaven and the earth are the thieves of all beings, all being are the thieves of human beings, and human beings are the thieves of all beings. If these three kinds of thieves are fit, the three talents are pacified.

Therefore it is said: Eat at The Time, and the body with hundreds of bones will be in good condition; advance at the key times, and the myriads of creatures will be pacified. A person who realizes his divinity will become the Divinity, because he is free from the consciousness of the non-divine, he will therefore become Divine.

There is a calculation related to the sun and the moon, and a certain number about the Great and the Small. After that, the holy work will be created, and the luminous divinity will come out. The stealing at the key times, is unknowable and invisible to the world's mundane beings. If a superior one gets it, he will reinforce his body; if an inferior one gets it, he will impair his life.

The last chapter -- Preaches the Method on strengthening the army and getting the victory

A blind one is good at hearing; a deaf one is good at seeing. Cut off one outflow and the army will be ten times stronger; if The-Three return day and night, the army will be ten thousand times stronger. The heart actives because of materials and dies because of materials, the key is at the Eye.

The heaven is free from kindness, and in this way its great kindness comes. The speedy thunders and the strong gales are both fierce. The ultimate bliss has the nature of surplus, and the ultimate tranquility has the nature of honesty.

The ultimate privacy of the heaven is most impartial and is used universally. Grab it, and control the prime energy. Birth is the root of death, and death is the root of birth. The kindness comes from the harm, and the harm comes from the kindness.

A fool may become wise by studying the world's documented knowledge, however, I become sagacious by understanding the principle of the times and creations. Others are foolish because of the deceptions, while I am free of this foolishness and therefore become holy. Others may become wise because they hope so, while I am free of this expectation and therefore become saintly.

Thus, drown the Water in the Fire, the vanishing by itself will occur. The natural Dhoe (Way) is tranquil, thereupon the heaven, the earth, and myriads of beings are created. The Dhoe of the heaven and the earth is a gradual immersion, thus the Yarm and the Yeong are superior. The Yarm and the Yeong are arranged, then the transformations and creations come orderly.

Thus, knowing that the natural Dhoe can not be violated, a saintly person holds it back. The ultimate tranquil Dhoe is unable to be matched by calendars. Then there is a wonderful container, inside which myriads of phenomena emerge, including the Eight GWAs, the cycles of sixty years, the extensions of gods, the hiding of ghosts, and so forth. The method of the superior Yarm and Yeong, is now so obvious for transcending the material realm!

(End of the Translation)
(Translated into English by Silfong Tsun)
(Last Revised: Jun/04/2009)

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